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Call for Proposals: Mini-Meetmarket 2012

The Mini-Meetmarket is a unique opportunity for new and emerging documentary filmmakers to meet Executive Producers and pitch their idea in an intimate roundtable environment.

Submissions to the 2012 Mini-Meetmarket at Sheffield Doc/Fest are now closed. For a list of the successful projects, see below.

This pitching and steering session takes place on the morning of Friday 15th June 2012. The aim is simple: to enable you to get feedback on your documentary idea by industry execs and to help you move forward. You’ll get a response on how you pitched it as well as pointers on how it needs developing, where to go next, and how to improve your chances of getting funding.

Getting the right executive producer on board is for many filmmakers the first big step toward getting their film made. If your project is selected, you will attend a one-hour plenary session with top pitch trainer Christina Burnett, followed by a two-hour roundtable session with two execs who have been matched to you and your idea.

Application Guidelines:

Submissions are now closed. The successful projects and filmmakers are:

Alan Reich - Last Boat to Freedom
Nathalie Holman & Jamie Patterson - Daisy: In Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Alexandre Hamel - Whores on Ice
Chris Pencakowski & Adam Baroukh - Swinging Addis
Tara Manandhar - Everest's Wannabe Soldiers
Vincent Hai Du - Almost Famous
Meilyr Morgan - The Vicar of Blaenau (working title)
Helena Smith - Will I Wake Up?
Sam Jones - My Lost Russian Mum
Louise Orton - A Divided Territory
Lasse Johansson & Jon Pelling - Amongst Champs and Lightweights (working title)
Matt Buck - Running The Country
Meghna Gupta & Gigi Berardi - The Men Who Stop Traffic
Philip Parker - In Recovery
Adam Brichto & Tim Goudsmit - You're Taking the Pee
Stephen Lee & Yacine Helali - Saddam's Nuclear Scientist
Karianne Berge - The Grenade Man
Luisa Miller - Making Feminist Porn
James Reevell - Cage Fight Club
Jason Sussberg & David Alvarado - Long For This World
Diana Gavrilina - Dollygarchs (working title)
Li-Da Kruger - Understanding Honour Killing
Fany de la Chica - Land of Olive Trees

Execs confirmed include:

  • Roger Graef, Films of Record
  • Christopher Hird, Dartmouth Films
  • Natasha Dack, Tiger Lily Films
  • Andy Glynne, Mosaic Films
  • André Singer, Spring Films
  • Nicola Lees, TV Mole
  • Jane Mote, Freelance Exec
  • Jezza Neumann, True Vision

For any queries call 020 7249 6600 and speak to Kerry or email


Sheffield Doc/Fest June 7-12 2014


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