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DFG Day at Sheffield Doc/Fest

4th November 2010, 9.30am – 5.30pmdfg

Are you thinking about taking a step up in your documentary career?

Want insider tips on getting ahead in the documentary industry?

Want to win a series development deal from Current TV or the chance to make a doc in the developing world?

sheffDFG Day is part of the Sheffield Doc/Fest 2010. It's a fantastic and unique opportunity to get ahead in the documentary world. It’s for emerging filmmakers who love docs and already know a little about the doc industry but want to find out more. Hear from and meet execs who are hiring, commissioners who are buying and the directors who are inspiring the next generation of doc filmmakers.

There’s the chance to compete for a Current TV commission and a special bursary from the WorldView Broadcast Media Scheme to make a short documentary in the developing world.

DFG Day Session 1: So, You Wanna be a Filmmaker?
A quirky and informative seminar discussing all the ways filmmakers can move up the documentary career ladder. From pitching to (but not stalking) commissioning editors to protecting ideas, from working with production companies to New Talent slots or going off and doing it on your own - this seminar offers a comprehensive beginners guide to getting into docs. Hosted by DFG’s and Mosaic Film’s Chief Executive Andy Glynne, this will be a whistle-stop tour in which you'll hear from commissioning editors, filmmakers, executive producers and a whole host of other Very Interesting and Important People who will enthuse and entertain you.

DFG Day Session 2: Doc/Fest: A Beginners’ Guide
How do you get the best out of Doc/Fest, especially if you're new to the whole festival scene? With just 5 days of films, pitching opportunities, sessions and networking all taking place at several venues and often overlapping - where should you go and when? This session offers routes through the festival experience - we’ll outline the Fast Lane for newcomers; the Scenic Route for the full picture of the current UK market; the International Highway for doing creative business with the world and Cyber Street for going non-linear. Plus the best way – going off-road.

DFG Day Session 3: WorldView Pitch
Six new and emerging filmmakers, including media students, will be challenged to pitch an idea for an innovative short documentary that makes the developing world interesting to UK audiences and offers new perspectives on overlooked or misunderstood stories. They’ll be pitching to some of the top filmmakers and commissioners in the business for the chance to win up to £10,000 of funding for their documentary and see it broadcast on the Community Channel.

DFG Day Session 4: Current TV Series Pitch
Current TV is offering four production companies or producers the opportunity to pitch their ideas for an innovative 6x 60’ documentary series. This is an ideal opportunity for emerging indies and producers to show that they deserve a slice of the broadcasting pie and to get their elbows on the table. A panel of top commissioning execs, series directors and producers will debate live on stage which pitch should be given the development fund right there and then. The lucky winners will walk away with £2.5k of development funding from Current TV. 

DFG Day is part of the Sheffield Doc/Fest 2010 taking place from 3 - 7 November 2010. if you are already attending Sheffield Doc/Fest as a delegate, you will immediately be eligible to come to DFG Day. However, it is possible to buy a single day pass specifically for DFG Day for £38 (VAT incl.) if you do not wish to attend as a delegate.                                      

 To book a DFG Day single day pass find out more here:

DFG Day is followed by the Meet the New Talent Party (open to all DFG DAY attendees), sponsored by SHED. SHED supports New Talent at Sheffield, and the event will include other attendees including applicants for their internship scheme  and other delegates at Sheffield Doc/Fest.



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And remember that all-important and absolutely fantastic DFG Member Discount on passes to the festival.



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